Weekly Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer's League


Sun, Mar 24

12:00 PM



Gamers N Geeks

5701 Moffett Rd Suite N
Mobile, AL 36618
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DDAL at Gamers n Geeks
Its time to take Mobile on an adventure like never seen before.
As Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League rolls off
at the finest gaming store in the southeast.

What is DDAL?
DDAL is the official play format for Wizards of the Coast title Dungeons & Dragons. DDAL was formed to set all players in a level base and allow them to know that their character is official across all places that play D&D. From Conventions to local stores DDAL is smashing records for content and players. The years of social stigma removed with live streams and celebrities playing D&D mean that today more than ever it's time to see why D&D is the most beloved role-playing game. DDAL makes sure that every Dungeon Master follows the rules, and everyone will be playing on a leveled playing field.

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